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PowerTrain Technology
4.5" Power-V Racing Clutches

4.5" Racing Clutch

PTT's 4.5" Power-V racing clutches are the lightest Moment of Inertia (M.O.I.) clutches in our product line. They have approximately half the M.O.I. of our 5.5" clutches. If the rules you race under allow a clutch this small, you cannot afford to pass up this speed advantage.

The simple facts are this:

A PTT 4.5" clutch makes your racecar accelerate faster. It lowers the rotating weight in you racecar's driveline, allowing your engine's horsepower to accelerate the car faster.

For more clutch information see:
Clutch Facts & Friction Materials,
Frequently Asked Questions,
Clutch Installation Instructions
4.5" Clutch Disc Packs
4.5" Racing Clutch Catalog - PDF file 412K

A PTT 4.5" clutch also allows the car to decelerate faster without using up more of your brakes. There is less inertia in the drivetrain that the brakes have to slow down so you get more 'engine braking' with a lighter clutch. Quicker Shifting. The lower M.O.I. of the clutch discs allow quicker shifting. Less wear on the syncros, or dog rings, in your transmission. Lower M.O.I. clutch discs change r.p.m. faster, causing less stress on transmission parts.

When it is time to select a winning clutch for your racecar, remember:

Lighter really is FASTER!

Put the championship winning reliability and competitive advantage of a PowerTrain Technology Clutch to work for YOU!
4.5" Racing Clutch Catalog - PDF file 312K

4.5" PowerStar 5-leg
Racing Clutch
for cutting edge
M.O.I. reduction

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