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PowerTrain Technology
.5" Power-V Racing Clutches

5.5" Racing Clutch

PTT offers racing clutches that feature innovative design, high reliability, and above all else the competitive edge you seek. Our 5.5" line of metallic clutches, feature Ultra-Low Moment of Inertia (M.O.I.) They are up to 20% lower in M.O.I. than other manufacturers' equivalent clutches. PTT clutches have Race Winning Reliability built into them. This level of performance comes from over 25 years of experience building championship winning, quality products. The engineering excellence, vision, and dedication to using the finest quality materials and manufacturing methods speaks for itself every time you pick one up.

Standard features included in every PTT 5.5" clutch are: Low profile cover design, Flush mount fasteners, Power-V drive legs, Micro-Finished friction material, CNC manufacturing ensuring the highest level of quality, Open Design for cleaner operation & longer maintenance intervals. Also offered are: Different friction materials to suit specific racing needs, Lightened chrome-moly Floater Plates & Pressure Plates, and Aluminum Pressure Plates for the ultimate in low M.O.I.

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