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PowerTrain Technology
5" Power-V Racing Clutches

7.25" Racing Clutch

PTT's 7.25" Power-V racing clutches are the most economical way to get into a true racing clutch. They have all the same race winning qualities and reliability of PTT's 5.5" and 4.5" clutches. PTT's clutches feature proprietary, micro finished, friction material. They do not require bedding-in, have longer life as a result, and have a smooth easy-driving engagement.

All of PTT's clutches feature the Power-V drive system. PTT President Steve Fox invented this drive system for modern racing clutches back in 1997. The benefits of this type of drive are many. The angled Power-V drive legs make the floater plates self centering, it evens out the drive forces in the clutch, and provides for inherent dynamic balance. The resulting increased surface area of the Power-V lowers stress in the clutch as well, allowing longer life of component parts.

A PTT 7.25" clutch has a much lower M.O.I. than a stock style clutch and up to 20% lower than other manufacturers' equivalent racing clutches. This lower M.O.I. allows faster acceleration, decreased brake wear on deceleration, quicker shifting, and reduced syncro, or dog ring wear, in your transmission.

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