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PTT's reverse starter mount bellhousings have set a new standard for lightness. It is available in magnesium or aluminum. The magnesium bellhousing weighs only 6 pounds; the aluminum is a mere 9 pounds! This bellhousing is intended to be used with lightweight, button-style flywheels and a starter ring gear mounted on top of the clutch. There are a number of advantages to using a reverse mount bellhousing: the starter is mounted away from the heat of the headers, the small diameter flywheel and clutch allow the drivetrain to be mounted lower in the chassis and the smaller overall physical size of the bellhousing is more easily packaged in a stock car, relocating the starter lowers the vehicle's polar moment of inertia, resulting in better handling and faster turn-in response.

BR100 Aluminum Bellhousing, Chevy S.B. V-8 '85 & earlier, Reverse Starter Mount

BR110 Magnesium Bellhousing, Chevy S.B. V-8 '85 & earlier, Reverse Starter Mount

Bellhousing & Starter Catalog - PDF file 99K

Reverse Mount Starter SB V-8 '85 & earlier


Weighing in at only 8 pounds, PTT's reverse mount starter is 3 - 4 pounds lighter than it's competitors' starters. It produces 20% more torque at peak horsepower for easier starts and longer life. It has a CNC machined, one-piece, billet gear reduction mounting block with 4.44:1 gear reduction. This starter features full ball bearing construction and a heavy duty shielded solenoid. The aluminum shield around the solenoid acts as a heat sink to dissipate harmful, solenoid damaging heat. Every starter is dyno tested before leaving the factory. The reverse mount starter is directly interchangeable with other manufacturers reverse mount bellhousings. PTT also offers starters to fit Chevy, Chrysler and Ford Small Block V-8 engines for use with stock diameter ring gears.

SR100 Reverse Mount Starter, S.B. V-8 '85 & earlier
SR100 Installation Instructions

SS100 Chevy 153 tooth flywheel

SS200 Chrysler

SS300 Ford 289-302-351 3&4 spd

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