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PowerTrain Technology
Drop-in Hydraulic Release Bearing

Drop-in Hydraulic Release Bearing

PTT'S Hydro-MAX Hydraulic Release Bearing (HRB) is the lightest, trickest, strongest HRB on the racecar market. Weighing under 1-1/4 pounds sopping wet, Hydro-MAX is 30% to 60% lighter than all other return spring equipped HRB's currently available! At just over 2-1/4" tall, it is also the shortest. It has a full 1/2" of release travel, (the longest travel in its class), and a built-in return spring to ensure positive, 100% clutch engagement. PTT's custom-designed, low drag, 1.6" radius face bearing is standard equipment. The smaller diameter contact reduces clutch pedal effort, while also lowering the thrust on the back of the crank!

Hydro-MAX is CNC manufactured to rigid PTT quality standards from high strength aluminum and then hard coat anodized for long life. Every component that goes into the construction of Hydro-MAX oozes quality, from the custom designed AN & bleeder fittings, to the highest quality rubber compounds in the o-rings. Every Hydro-MAX is pressure tested at the factory to over twice it's normal operating pressure. Hydro-MAX is designed and built to take the night after night, weekend after weekend abuse that professional auto racing dishes out.

  1. MAX-imum strength! Manufactured from high-strength extruded aluminum
  2. MAX-imum lightness! 30% to 60% lighter than other manufacturer's HRB's
  3. Hydro-MAX fits Muncie, Jerico, Roltek, T-10, T-101, Saginaw & other transmissions
  4. Designed to work with all small diameter multi-disc racing clutches
  5. Hard coat anodized for long life
  6. Simple drop-in installation
  7. Includes all mounting hardware
  8. Self aligning for less clutch wear
  9. Return spring guarantees complete clutch engagement
  10. Includes PTT's exclusive 1.6" diameter radius faced angular contact ball bearing.
  11. Works best with 5/8" or 3/4" master cylinders

Hydraulic Release Bearing Catalog - PDF file 326K
Hydro-MAX Installation Instructions

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