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PowerTrain Technology
ydraulic Release Bearing for Street Stock Clutches

Street Stock
Release Bearing

Weighing in at just under 7/8 pound, PTT's new Street-MAX offers MAX-imum strength, MAX-imum lightness and MAX-imum reliability for street stock racers. Designed with 3/4" of travel made specifically for use with 10.5" streeet stock clutches that require a flat face bearing. It includes PTT's exclusive custom designed, low drag, flat face angular contact ball bearing as standard equipment. Street-MAX fits Muncie, Jerico, Roltek, T-10, T-101, Saginaw & other transmissions. Works best with 3/4" master cylinders. Street-MAX's short 1.70" overall height allows it to fit into more confined areas. It includes all mounting hardware and has simple drop-in installation. Self adjusting for less maintenance.

Street-MAX is CNC manufactured to unwaivering PTT high quality standards. It is manufactured from high-strength extruded aluminum and then hard coat anodized for long life. It utilizes extreme fluid power engineering in order to withstand the rigors of harsh racing environments. Every Street-MAX is pressure tested at the factory to over twice its normal operating pressure.

Available for Chevy, Ford and Chrysler applications.

  1. MAX-imum strength! Manufactured from high-strength extruded aluminum. Guaranteed for life never to break due to structural failure!
  2. MAX-imum lightness! Street-MAX weighs under 7/8 pound (350g)!
  3. MAX-imum reliability! Built to withstand more than 3 times normal operating pressure.
  4. Street-MAX has 3/4" of bearing travel.
  5. Simple drop-in installation. No shims to adjust or complicated measuring.
  6. Precision aligned for less clutch wear
  7. Low-drag hydraulics guarantee complete clutch engagement
  8. Includes PTT's exclusive low drag, flat faced angular contact ball bearing.
  9. Bearing Diameter: 1.81" ID / 2.70" OD
  10. Piston through diameter: Chevy = 1.38", Ford = 1.44", Chrysler = 1.26"

Street-MAX Bearing Travel - PDF file 97K

Hydraulic Release Bearing Catalog - PDF file 326K

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